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Pre-Lit Xmas Tree For Sale


Basement find. Low miles. Slight water damage from being stored under the stairs by previous homeowners.


Act now and I’ll throw in the old kitchen sink FOR FREEEE

Got 90% of the floor in my basement dry now. I have one cabinet in the shop my FIL’s albums were stored in front of I need to move/take apart to make sure its dry under there but all the carpet is out in the rec room:

Everything is piled up in the garage waiting on our insurance adjuster to inspect:


And I started separating the wet boxes of albums:


From the dry:


Yes I am going to get them OFF THE FLOOR so this doesn’t happen again.

Many of them are in plastic liners so might be okay. Tonight and tomorrow I’ll start going through them to see what’s worth saving, I’m sure the insurance claim is going to assess one value to them all when I am sure some are worth more than others.

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