Am I crazy? Talk me into/out of it Oppo.

Future Shop has a deal on until tomorrow where they'll give some pretty deep discounts on pre-ordered games. Like, up to $20 off each game if you pre-order 3 or more. It just so happens, there's exactly 3 games that I've been anxiously awaiting: Gran Turismo 6, Grand Theft Auto V, and Battlefield 4. So, three regularly $59.99 games, for under $120, with free shipping.


These are some of my all-time favourite franchises, so I don't expect to be disappointed. I've owned every Gran Turismo (most of them since week 1 of release) and probably always will. I know GTA IV's Liberty City like the back of my hand, both on console and PC. I even make texture mods for it. And while BF3 was admittedly my entry into the Battlefield series, I knew the only way it could be better was on PC or next-gen consoles.

And there's the other thing. GT6 & GTA V are current-gen only, but BF4 is also on the Xbone & PS4. Being a Gran Turismo (and therefore a PlayStaton) "lifer", I've also been anticipating the PS4. Yes, XBOX fanboys, Forza 5 does look amazing, and Sony will charge for multiplayer on the PS4 just like MS does. Nevertheless, I would order BF4 for the PS4. So, do I pre-order a PS4 console, also? Or just the games?


Bear in mind, neither GT6 nor the PS4 even have a firm release date yet (certainly sometime this fall). After taxes, now we're close to $600, and nothing will arrive for 3 to 6 months. I'm starting to think of just getting the games...

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