When I saw that figure of the estimated 0-60 for the M3/M4 something it my gut told me that was a little off. Now I know that is an "estimate" and no one as actually done instrumented test yet but I can't help but feel that the M3/M4 is going to be a little quicker. I remembered reading a comparison test not long ago with the 335 M-sport putting down some serious 0-60 times. I dug up this article from Car and Driver. The vehicle tested was a 2012 335 M-sport with the 8-speed auto, it weighed in at 36o5 and hit 60 in 4.6 seconds. I know there is more to sprint times than weight and power but I really believe with a 3300lb curb weight, 430hp and 405 tq using the DCT the M3/M4 could break the 4 second barrier.