Dodge just announced the new Challenger Scat Pack 1320 Edition. Since they’re just raiding the parts bin at this point, I’m going to predict a V6 drag car, because why not at this point.

Throw the Demon underpinnings at it, strip the seats out, put slicks on it. Pentagram works in two way: It’s a V6 (Pentastar) lightweight (gram) and that’s also a demonic symbol!



305hp - from a bone stock Pentastar V6

3600 lbs after you pull the seats out

Slicks (for all that power)

Half a widebody kit (because we’re at full “fuck it” at this point)

Demon hood (just to piss off Demon owners)

1/4 mile time: 13.5 seconds of terrible V6 noises

Price $35k

Sketch of proposed logo:


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