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Things I hate about life.
Why does it matter if people are gay, straight, transgender, crossdresser, cis gender, A sexual, etc...
Why do people think that their opinion matters to how others live. They may not like garlic but they don’t bang on about it so how people live their lives shouldn’t be a concern either, shouldn’t even register.
Why can’t people just let people be happy with the way they are!?
Life is hard enough, people different from ‘the norm’ have already had it harder as it is, so why make it harder.
People are equal, no matter what gender, race, religion, etc...

But the worst part is I’ve become a hater. A hater of haters, I’ve become one of them.

Sorry just venting.


sorry, I mean’t to post this on Cigar Lounge but posted it on here. My bad. 

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