Is it more ECO or more BOOST?? Or how SUPER is the super fuel economy package??

I’ve had my new fiesta for two weeks now and have put about 1300 miles on it, lots of driving lately! So the million dollor question is, is that 1 liter engine really that efficient? Or does the little guy need to boost all the time to even keep up with traffic?

The first trip from San Diego to Riverside was about a 2 hour trip with little traffic problems. It resulted in 44 mpg traveling about 75 mph. This should be noted that this was on the worn, almost bald, factory tires.

Next, I got spent a week communting back and forth to work. This route is pretty rough on milage, 50/55 mph zones with a good number of stop signs. Constantly accelerating and then slowing down when you reach the speed limit. In my old a4, it averaged about 25 mpg with its 2 liter turbo and cvt. A car that did 35 mpg cruising at 80 mph. The fiesta? 39 mpg!

That weekend I got new tired for it. I almost went for the same OEM (Hankook optimo) tires to try to maintain economy, but in the end I decided to get some Goodyear assurance no seasons because after rebates, they were actually cheaper, and had much much better reviews.


Afterwards, I had a quick 40 minute trip on the freeway trip and then a trip up to Baker CA to visit the Mad Greek to meet my parents for lunch. The trip going is uphill with 80 mph feeling like you aren’t moving with traffic speeding around you. It was pretty windy and the little 3 banger got 42 mpg.

Lastly, the trip back down was horrendous. 39 mpg. Extremely strong headwind and the little guy boosting for all he was worth with A/C running on and off. My uncle was following in his jeep and got roughly (he doesn’t track his milage as closely, he does drive a wrangler, so yea...) 15 mpg. Needless to say, I love bringing it up with him.

So far I am extremely impressed with this little thing. The economy right now it exactly as advertised. I didn’t necessarily buy this thing for the mileage alone (I think the engine is cool enough with out it) but I am glad that it lives up to the hype.


The best part? It runs on 87 gas. The engine is has 10:1 compression and a turbo and somehow the magicians at ford can run this thing on 87 octane gas without any knock.

I am still flirting with the idea of some lighter wheels to replace the steelies that came from the factory. But money is really tight right now with my fiancee applying (now accepted WOOOOO!!) to med school, our wedding coming up this summer, and 2 cars we recently bought. So that will have to wait for maybe another year. Something to look forward to though!