Edit: it’s not Covid-19 so we are free to go...well.... nowhere really.

Original post below:

We is in it.

One of M’ladys colleagues has come down with something. Until that something is confirmed to be nothing of any note...we are confined to the property. Should be mid week before we know one way or the other.


Unfortunately for the colleague in question, this person is front of house in a local tourist information centre that is devoted to a nearby natural feature...and manages people camping there. It appears that many people have been coming through (out of season) in the past week or so saying ‘they were escaping Sydney’. These inconsiderate pricks may have bought something with them...

Fortunately, from Tuesday, they’ll be fucked. All state lines will be closed, all nonessential services and businesses will also be closed. Oz is shutting down...

Illustration for article titled Preliminary Quarantine Oppo (redacted!!)

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