I have a question guys! I really want a convertible in the next few years. But they only thing I've decided so far is that I'd prefer to spend as little as possible to get myself a running, decent looking vehicle, it doesn't have to be show quality and I am perfectly willing to work on it to get it up to snuff.

With that being said, I'd also like the thing to look classy, so to that end, I am a fan of quite a few 60's and 70's American "barges", I came across some neat looking Cadillacs, Pontiacs, Buicks and Fords. But I also happened across a '75 450SL that I quite liked. To give you an idea, the 450SL was going for $6200 and the barges it seemed could be had within my budget. I'm looking to spend no more than maybe $8k.

Are there any other neat convertibles I am overlooking? What in your eyes is the best compromise between class, reliability and value?