Today was spent working on the shitbox mk2 Prelude we want to use for the carbagerun rally. The car ā€˜ran when parkedā€™. In 2008. We couldnā€™t get it to start today though.

We started out rebuilding the front brakes. After finishing we started looking at the engine.

After checking fuel lines and manually cranking the engine we put some fresh gasoline in the tank and hooked up a fresh battery. The starter worked fine, but the car wouldnā€™t start. At all. Nothing happened at all. We checked if it got a spark, which it did. As it was getting dark we didnā€™t have time have time to check the fuel delivery.

Any suggestions on what we can do? Iā€™m new at this. We do have another spare Prelude, which was also ā€˜ran when parkedā€™ in 2008.