Preordering a Vehicle

What do people think of the idea of preordering cars? Good idea? Bad idea? Would you do it for a brand new model, or only for a model update? Would you do it if you knew you would get your vehicle within a few months (like Kia did with the Stinger up until this month in Canada), or if the vehicle existed really in name and concept only and no solid date on when you’d get your car(as with the Model 3)?

Personally, I find the idea a bit silly. Putting down payment for a vehicle you’ve never driven feels absurd to me, much less for a vehicle that is a concept. How are you supposed to know if you’ll actually like it, versus liking the idea of it? I mean, preordering makes a bit of sense to me for lower cost items, but when you’re dedicating a thousand or a few thousand to something, why not wait until something more concrete exists?


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