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Prep Day! - Moar cleaning pics

Whenever I go to the track to volunteer, to an Oppo meet or just to the mechanic, I want my car(s) to look flawless. The Kia has been banished and I’ve been working all day to ensure that this will be the case for this weekend. I’ve got the ‘86 plates on the truck with a legal back plate in the rear window. The Fiesta has been washed, waxed and I am currently treating the plastic with detailer (Lucas Slick Mist is amazing).

Prep wise, I ensured the ST’s supply bag of cleaning stuff, gopro mounts and tools was stocked. Tires are perfect, fluids are all good and lights all function.

The truck.....stops and starts(?)

Also took Targa to the vet and then to a few sitters so I can get this work done.

My babies






The ST is ready!

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