As I read through the FP article regarding the 2015 Mustang "First Peek", I am reminded of something that I haven't seen since high school: the rabid disdain that hardcore Chevy/Ford fans have for each other. It's like Game of Thrones: Muscle Car edition. I get it, you love the Mustang/hate the Camaro (and vice versa), but must we be so vile?

The answer to that question is a resounding YES. Yes, die hard Mustang lovers should hate Camaro douche bags. Yes, died in the wool Camaro drivers should hate "First On Recall Day" morons. Yes, yes, HELL YES. They should hate each other right up to the point of stabbing each other in the eyes, then turn and laugh at the first guy that mentions the Dodge Challenger. This is how it always has been, and this is how it should be.

Now before you get all uppity with me about how we're all car fans and this isn't Gawker and how we should all get along to a certain extent, hear me out. This war between two factions (with the occasional Mopar fan being a third) has actually built the other's beloved vehicle. Do you think that Camaro would have made the ZL1 if the GT500 wasn't demanded by Ford enthusiasts? Would the 80's Cobra have existed if the IROC hadn't been a reality? No, my friends. Competition is the catalyst to progress. We NEED this seething hatred. We NEED this "come at me, bro" attitude. We NEED this necessary evil. It is what drives each side to refine their products and one up each other.

So the next time you see two guys, one with a Mustang tattoo on his neck, the other with a Bowtie shirt, yelling at each other about how their car is better, just remember that this is how the rest of us get awesome cars: by each manufacturer's loyal fan base demanding that their vehicle always be the best right off of the showroom floor.