Time for our company-wide risk meeting, which happens twice a year. This year, we’re all doing it remotely instead of spending multiple days in alternating coastal cities (at a cost of $200k+ in travel expenses). Hopefully it goes well. I’m the “official minutes taker” which means I have to crank out ~15 pages of notes, which turns into 20+ pages after formatting. This is one of those meetings where you can’t stop paying attention, even for 20 seconds. We get 30 minutes for lunch in the middle. My body is ready.

  • 30 oz RTIC tumbler (just water...for now)
  • Bluetooth headset (with earbuds as backup)
  • Phone charger
  • Oppo
  • Sheer Pre-Workout, which promises me Skin Ripping Pumps, Explosive Energy, and Rapid Strength Enhancement (not sure any of this applies to my work)
  • Optional (not pictured): Clonazepam, Defibrillator, Guitar
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