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Preparing The RX7 For A Serious Interior Detail

She’s been sitting 15+ years and Nathan has done the mechanical stuff to make her a driver. Aside from doing the paint come summer time, all that’s left is for me to bring the interior back to her former glory.

The interior is a solid 8/10 condition wise, it’s just very dirty. The dash is cracked like hell but we have a perfect matching dash ready to go in. The seats, carpet and all plastics are there and in good shape. It just needs attention.


Sunday morning I’ll be doing the job and filming the steps I take, so be sure to stay tuned for that. I’ll be incorporating some of my unorthodox methods to do it and I’ll be restoring the door seals while I’m at it.

In a box I have my Adam’s all purpose cleaner, Ammo shag, Ammo lather, Ammo mud, two boar hair detailing brushes (one is modified, you’ll see why) 24 micro fibers, and a pack of makeup wedges. If it sounds like a weird set of tools, it is. I’ll make sense of it in the video.


I can’t wait to see the difference my few hours of work makes. I’m betting you all will be impressed with the outcome! 

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