Prepping for new tires

Getting new tires next week, so I figured I better get my wheels off and get them refinished. I picked up a can of this:

Then I set to pulling the wheels. Still on the van:


On the ground, stripper laid over it:

Quick run of a scraper over it 10 mins later:


Respread what was left and let it sit another 5 mins, then I hit it with the hose, which left me with this:


It’s very tempting to just finish stripping them and clear coat them as is, but I’ll probably spray them black.

Which means the van is left with it’s old steelies reinstalled and it’s basket removed so I can start sanding more. Looks very..............weak?:


So I have the rest of this week to get my wheels refinished, then Monday/Tuesday of next week I get my new meats on (General Grabber ATx).

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