I won this Regal for $250 at my first insurance auction, and then ended up getting a bit bamboozled by the friend who bid for me with a $900 price tag (after a grand total cost of $369). But oh well, it sounds better when I remember being in the moment and getting it for $250. Unfortunately, that grill is a lie- the car is just a 1999 Regal GS (sans X) Gran Touring Suspension with SLP headers and perhaps some other goodies. It ran like a bat out of hell on the ~100 mile journey home and hopefully will stand up to a bit more once the deferred maintenance is attended to. The front rotors (cross-drilled, slotted, likely cheap junk) are warped and it might need an alignment, but this will more than do for replacing a Thunderturd living up to its name more every day. How did I end up owning so much uninspiring junk in such a short period of time? Nonetheless, supercharger whine makes up for the rest. I am pretty clueless about W-bodies. Have some terrible photos.

The less-beaten beater
Cheap “cold” air intake included

By the way- a clean, running and driving S60 with a Spaceball shifter went for $350. I regret to inform you that I did not bid.

Manual trans, engine unknown, $400 without keys
Manual trans, non-running $100
4-speed, 4WD LUV interior
LUV attached to its interior, unknown selling price

Now what to do with an fairly trashed MN12 Thunderbird with two working forward gears that happens to be a reliable city car?

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