For over 26 years Mexico’s national security service, CISEN, has had the good practice of keeping a tab on presidential candidates, as a security measure. Apparently the President of PAN and former Speaker of the House did not know that CISEN has had this practice for many years and was spooked by a grey jeep that followed him around Veracruz.

Upon seeing a mysterious man following him around in an unmarked vehicle he naturally stepped out of his bulletproof SUV in the middle of one of Mexico’s most unsafe states and confronted the trained agent with what I suspect cannot be words of wisdom or patience. Former First Lady and professional Third Party Vote Margarita Zavala proceeded to mock the man that robbed her of a party ballot using memes.

HMMMMMMM,ahhh.... you smell that bullshit?

Why is this bullshit?

Ricardo Anaya, a professional idiot, was looking for a reason to beg for medio a attention. Not only does CISEN inform candidates of their work, but it is a common part of the Mexican election. CISEN, probably the most professional government agency of Mexico, isn’t corrupt enough to be used as the incumbent party’s KGB, something it’s leader had to explain to Mr. Anaya on a press conference.