Press and HOLD the button...

You don’t say...

It won’t let you get above 4500 RPM in first, if you do, the trans clutches automatically, this is probably to limit torque to the AWD system... but use the manual mode and upshift early and it will keep spinning the tires as long as there’s torque, and there’s a good amount.


It’s very well behaved sideways, even at high-ish velocities (30+MPH) It can get a little snappy with the short wheelbase, but it also settles right back down if you back out.

can’t tell if its an autobot or a decepticon, but it’s definitely a robot in disguise... I mean look at that manic little ass-face.

Perfect? No.

Pretty darn good? Yep! Especially for a cheapish subcompact CUV.


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