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It's been awhile since I've posted, but if some of you remember I have been saving for my third vehicle, while Purchasing my first. A lot has happened since my last thread where I had decided on a second or third generation Camry, but had my heart set on a first generation Beetle or Miata.


I've been pressed since I've found out that purchasing a car at my age becomes a family matter. Some of my relatives are pressing me to purchase a larger vehicle I can't afford to maintain, or in some cases isnt practical for me.

I posted earlier that my mom had reluctanly gave me a form of blessing towards a Miata and today gave me a reassured one leaving me with the quote "you're the one who has to live with it". Frankly this is all I need, I have my blessing ( my dad was already in board, but he's cool with me getting a motorcycle as well sooo..).


The way things are working, after my explorer kicked the bucket my parents waived my rent ago allow me to pay off the repair I had on the Explorer and use the rent money to save for a car, the catch is that in February I have to start paying rent again.

Thankfully in two paychecks and a tax return away from $1600-2k. This is what I'm working with and frankly I'm all aware that a car this cheap will have its problems, but my three hour one way bus trips to school aren't worth what could be a thirty minute drive.


I'm stepping up and I'm going to purchase a car I can afford that I want, my money my choice. Like my mom said, I have to live with it. #growingupisstressful

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