But IMO they missed a few. Courchevel Airport has to be in the top ten. And I can't recall the name, but in the Himalayas there is an airport way up a box canyon. Once the plane enters the canyon it is too narrow to turn around and too high to fly out of for the small planes that use the runway. It is the closest airport to Everest so a lot of expeditions use it to save themselves a 5 day hike with their gear. And yes, I remember a year or two ago Jalopnik did a QOTD about this and came up with a pretty similar list. Here is their list and a photo of the ice strip on Antarctica.

And here is a photo of Courchevel Airport from Airplane-pictures.net which did not make the Yahoo list. It is literally on the side of a mountain and right in the middle of a ski resort. That is a groomed run looping around the runway and ski tracks to the left of it.