In Evergreen Co getting breakfast. Rental company was out of the luxury sedan (c lass or ATS) I rented and gave us a free upgrade to this GLC300. Of coarse the lady at the counter said she was just being nice, but a quick look around the lot told another story. I probably could have asked for an E class instead but with a storm coming in on Monday AWD might not be a bad idea.

Initial Reaction:

Pros: the interior is nice, I LOVE the HVAC switches, and volume knob. Power is plenty adequate.

Cons infotainment is confusing as heck thus far. It’s also quite a bit louder than I would think a Bez should be, and even in comfort the ride feels tougher than my E90. More like a VW.

I’ll right a “real” review on Wednesday after I get back to Wi. I’m looking forward to seeing if it’ll let you snow hoon.