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I used my 2012 XC70 to move a 21' inboard ski boat in my driveway today, because I wanted it out of the path of a huge pine tree with the wind coming our way. It has a hitch, so why not? I mean, the stated capacity is probably WAY under what can safely be moved a short distance, right?


It moved the boat “fine” but yeah, I’m not sure I’d want to go down the road very far. Or UP, more specifically - we live up a very long steep hill, on a 25mph speed limit road, and I’m not sure the Volvo would like that very much. My friend brought it here with his 2018 F-250 and said even THAT went down to 2nd gear to get up that hill.

Stated dry weight of boat (new) was 2,800lbs, plus let’s say 1000 for the trailer, then another ~700lbs of gear, equipment, fuel, oil, dead hookers, we’re easily over 4,000lb. in total, with tongue weight in the 350 range.


Anyway, it was pouring rain so I didn’t take a picture. Nothing broke, no one died. I did have to manually bypass the trailer brakes though, because I have no 5-wire light hookup on the Volvo - the hitch is mostly used for bike racks.

10/10 will do it again to move the boat around the yard as needed.

That is all.

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