Well, the last few hours of it not spent at work at least. Stuck my Spitfire’s rear suspension into an online model and measured how stuff like the roll centre and camber changes in roll and compression. All of the compression stuff is near as damnit the same as my wooden mockup :)

The dynamic roll centre looks pretty good too, as does the camber change in roll (a little in excess of the body roll right up to 2.5 degrees where it levels off to match body roll).

It’s all shaping up rather nicely :)

Add onto that I replaced an ABS sensor on the E46 which banished the last of the lights on the dash, and I got the Citroen up into the air and found the point where it’s leaking substantial quantities of hydraulic fluid (a little t-piece on the return line which has split in two).


Not a bad day all told :)

Here’s the model if anyone wants to play around with it :)