Have my BRZ listed for 24k$ with 24k miles on it. hoping to get about 22k$ for it because that's around what they were selling for at the time it was listed, and its what I need to get something that doesn't make me hate life for the next few years until I'm done with school. now the prices have dropped online and I'm thinking I may not get more than 17k$ for it despite that being in the same price range as sme of them with rebuilt and salvage titles (there's quite a few) but lower miles. On top of that I'm not quite sure how to Handle a transaction larger than a few thousand dollars as a private party. I dont want to take a check or cashiers check but that's a large amount for just cash it seems. The reason I dont want to deal with checks is because they may not clear, and cashiers checks can clear temporarily when they shouldn't have just to loose the money from my account after I've handed over the keys.