Pretty Sure That's A Composite Lambo Dude.

What happens when you replace all the sheet metal from a Lambo with composite materials? Awesome happens.


Lamborghini gave the Countach to their newly formed "composites department" as a testbed for SCIENCE! The department was headed by Mr. Pagani himself and we all know how radical he can be...HUAYRAAAA!!!

They stripped the Lambo of all it's precious metal minus its spaceframe and replaced its guts with sweet sweet aluminum/kevlar/carbon fiber composites. Pretty advanced stuff for 1987.


The result was a leaner Countach that looked very industrial. Doesn't matter, it only weighed 2160 lbs which was a hell of a lot less than its fatty metal Countach siblings. It also was able to attain a top speed of roughly 205 mph at their test track using a mildy tuned engine rated at 490 bhp.


the Countach Evoluzione was too cool for this world. Obviously mass producing something like this was ludicrously expensive for Lambo and any body repairs in the event of an accident were like impossible. So what's a man to do? Lambo slams it into a crash barrier for SCIENCE! It gave them valuable data on the composite crash structure.

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