“In the past couple of years, cars from the likes of Porsche’s GT division, BMW M and Mercedes-AMG have been getting more and more powerful, but Preuninger says that he wants to bring an end to the horsepower arms race.

Highlighted by Porsche’s commitment to keeping the atmo[spheric] engine, it’s unlikely that future GT models won’t be any less powerful than their predecessors, but they just won’t necessarily be any more powerful either.

Although he confirmed that Porsche’s engineers could feasibly extract a lot more power from the 4.0-litre engine in the GT3 RS, he’s aiming to concentrate more on reducing weight and increasing handling.

He said: If I were a customer and the next RS had 20bhp less, I would say, ‘hey, come on, what’s that?’ But we have to be more concentrated on the overall package, not just horsepower. This is not a dragster, it’s a track car.

For an article from this past summer, but I missed this part on the first go-around.