It’s. Still. August! We are still in the height of summer. Some schools aren’t even back in session yet. The unofficial end of fall weekend (Labor day) hasn’t happened yet. But! When I opened up my snapchat, expecting to see my daily dose of friends on vacation, cute animals, and dank burritos, TWO friends in a row posted a picture of their pumpkin spice latte. Both proclaimed “First PSL of the Season!” with some emoji thrown in for good measure. Can we please stop this madness? Christmas crap shouldn’t be out before thanksgiving, Halloween stuff shouldn’t be on the shelves in summer, and your Got Damned PSL should not be consumed while I am still comfortably sipping on cold brew, driving my convertible, and sleeping next to a fan. Get that ish outta here. Take a topless Italian and a proper summer drink for your time.

My Summer Car of Choice
Shove your PSL. I’m still drinking tropical beer while watching the sunset