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Previous Owner Did Something Right in the Miata

Quick refresher, I found this cord coiled up in the trunk of the Miata a couple weekends ago while installing some sequential turn signals. After a bit of digging, the Miata hive mind helped me determine it’s the wiring for the aftermarket back up cam of choice from Ventura Technology. As I’m sure all of us have experienced, previous owners and aftermarket toys can be a MASSIVE crap shot - mostly ending with terrible results.

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I figured I would take the risk and see what I can do with what’s in the car. Unfortunately the Ventura cam is some very specific five pin connector that is no where near the same as the standard four pin camera connector. The manufacturer and an independent reseller refused to sell just the cam, so I swallowed the $170 price tag for the kit and ordered the whole thing - I justified this thinking that the wiring is probably trash and I’ll have to redo the whole thing anyway.


Cam just sitting in the trunk to test
Cam just sitting in the trunk to test

The kit arrived yesterday and this morning I took the simple plan by just plugging the camera in. I was hoping for good results, but sadly I got nothing. I put the car in R (remember it’s an automatic Miata) and not a thing changed...but there was a glimpse of hope. When I turned the car off and the infotainment shut down the camera flickered to life on the screen for a few seconds. So it was connected somehow. After a little pondering, I remember I recently had to reboot the Mrs CX-5 infotainment system when it got stuck on a bluetooth screen. So reboot the system in the MX-5 and *insert dramatic drum roll* it works like a champ!!! I am completely stunned.

I’ll be going out on lunch to wire it properly. The hole is already in the bumper. Shouldn’t take too long and I’ll be fully functioning. Well done previous owner.

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