Little big of background info first. The 2nd gen MR2 was sold in the USA from 91-95. In 93, it got a few revisions such as modified rear suspension geometry, electric speedo, and larger brakes. My car is a 91 non-turbo with a turbo drivetrain swap so as you can imagine, some parts are from different model years.

At the momment, I am finishing up some much needed maintenance repairs (ball joints, wheel bearings, tires, brakes, etc) so that I can DD my two. On Tuesday, I got my set of new rotors and pads in the mail. I left work a little early to have some more daylight hours while wrenching. I start with the rear, break lug nuts, jack car, remove wheel, remove caliper, pop rotor off with a swift hit of the hammer all in about 5ish minutes. Pull a new rotor from the box aaannndd lo and behold the rear rotors are too small. I though hmmm, I checked the front calipers to see if they were single or dual piston. Dual would indicate 93+ turbo calipers. They were in fact still single piston so I thought I had full early model brake calipers. I pulled out the measuring tape to verify which model year of rear brakes I have.

Turns out the previous owner upgraded ONLY the rears to 93+ turbo spec..... They use a different caliper and a larger rotor. Now I feel dumb for not checking the rear calipers as well. Anyways, I ordered the 93+ turbo front calipers and fresh OEM rotors with EBC red stuff pads. Who knows how long it will take to get a refund on my incorrect parts. I should be up and running next weekend though.

This time, assuming made an ass out of me and myself.

Here’s a shot of the rear rotor. It’s like it’s glowing while sitting still. (car sat outside for 3 years)