Previously Patina-ed Parts in Prior Posts Protectively Painted, Progressively

Right, so many parts of the Chevelle have been stripped (see previous posts) and on Sunday were ready for degreasing and paint. This was a success, and yesterday I did a few touch-ups and detail work, particularly on the tie rods.

Hub assemblies say hello

By not taking them apart, I’m hoping to avoid having to get an alignment right away when it’s all back together (I measured and kept separate the shim packs for the control arms as well).

Not everything is finished, the shocks are still dirty, and other unrelated odds and ends are still in the “clean-up” queue. Yes there’s some pitting in the spring pocket on the lower arms, but nothing major.

The control arms, springs, complete steering linkage, sway bar, and associated hardware have been cleaned up, primed, and painted.

Threads are reddish due to primer overspray; tried not to paint the threads too much.

Some parts are “cast blast” iron-color, some satin black, and most hardware is flat black (cowl bolts, steering shaft bolt, and sway bar brackets are satin).


The next couple steps include touching up the swaybar (it fell down shortly after painting, string broke...), tearing down the hubs as to clean/paint the spindles and steering knuckles, and fitting a clutch master cylinder bracket to the firewall (which will then allow brake booster/MC re-installation). After that (and some minor odds and ends), the suspension/steering/brakes will go back together and the car will sit on its wheels again!

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