Hey guys! So I’m helping a buddy out looking to buy a car and boy have we found a winner. Sort of. I feel the price is about $1000 too high but I want your input to see what ya’ll think.

so that’s the car. 2011 Camry XLE v6. 80k On the clock. it’s been on lot for 6 months already has had a price drop from over 10k to $9,900.

we are officially looking at the car after work (we work in the same place and I’m currently his driver) but at lunch we swung by to peep a look to have a better idea about the car. Since the photos provided where taken in the snow and the interior are sort of out of focus.

So here’s a run down of what we saw.

Touch up paint, touch up paint every where. the hood has little rust pits all over the front of the hood. probably lived on a gravel road if I had to guess. each and every little pit has a little bit of rust bubbles, and have been hit with touch up paint. the rear passenger door sill has a dent by the upper door that is just rusted, no touch up paint, spot is about a dime in size. Also rear passenger door has a ding that goes to bare metal. both sides are covered with clear coat scratches. white, but not deep. the doors all look to have been repeatedly smashed into something upon opening. all the edges on the door are chipped away.


Interior speaking, I don’t believe any one ever sat in the rear seats. the front seats how ever look like no one ever touched them with leather conditioner. I’d also wager that lager, older folks owned the car based on the wear on the seats. there is significant cracking on the outer edges of each of the front seats. you can tell they pivoted and stood up. the bolsters look worn where the cracking is as well. how ever so long as they get conditioned frequently they shouldn’t continue to wear too bad.

We haven’t driven yet but the car fax shows a good history of maintenance (reason number two i assume older folks as everything was done at the purchasing dealer) so I expect a good driving machine when we take it out later.


My thoughts are this: This is no 9,900 car. the body and interior are what I would call fair at best, maybe good, but too many dings and touch up for good really. I think any thing below 9k (provided the mechanical are solid) is a steal. I’m thinking put $8500 on the table with a firm at $8750. What do you think?