pricing revelaed for 2015 Zo6…

So if the 2015 Vette is one of the more anticipated cars of the upcoming year, Then the Z06 is the crazy nympho that you secretly had a crush on in school. you liked her lot but you never admitted it to anyone.


Gm has always aimed to match this car with the gt500 and the challengers Srt8 (or hellcat)so when they announced the pricing of this 650 hp monster it was about normal - your price for this 4 wheeled incarnation of insanity is $78 995

With a 650-horsepower engine, the car is considered by Road & Track to be a "screaming deal" at less than $80,000. In a way, it's relatively cheap. The Ferrari FF, which is a hair more powerful, starts at almost $300,000. The Mercedes SLS Coupe, with an engine that's 10 percent weaker, starts at $221,580.

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