The configurator is still in preproduction and there aren’t any specs being presented yet, but at least you can see the price points.

3.7L V6 FWD - $44,560
3.7L V6 AWD - $46,560
2.7L V6 GTDI FWD - $49,765
2.7L V6 GTDI AWD - $51,765
3.0L V6 GTDI AWD - $59,180 (this is the expected 400 hp engine).


So it seems to be geared at being a better and better value as you load it up compared to an Acura RLX, Volvo S90, or Cadillac XTS. I’d also toss the K900 into this dying segment of super fleet/rideshare sedans that will depreciate like an off lease British sedan. Good timing since the Volvo is the only real competition, we all want a Continental, and every RWD-based luxury sedan is trying to be as communicative as possible.

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