Prime Day Sucks, Part 2: Revenge of the Deals

Alright Oppos, so as we know and agree Prime day is a total shitshow. Even then I decided to trudge through the attic clearing known as Prime day and try to find a good deal. Lo and behold I see a nice 39” Vizio TV is going to go on sale. So I patiently wait for the TV to go on sale, when the clock hits zero I go to place my order and for some reason it won’t add to the cart. Turns out they moved the deal back an hour, isn’t that some shit? So naturally being frustrated I contact support and ask them what’s going on? Now I don’t know if the person I was talking to was genuinely clueless or was told to give a cookie cutter response, but either way it’s very frustrating to have support tell you something that’s not true. First they tried to tell me that all of those TVs sold within 10 seconds. After telling him it looks like the deal was pushed back, I’m told they don’t know if the deal will be posted again. After telling him it’s already been posted I’m pretty much told “Well I don’t know if we’ll cancel it or pull it”. I get it, I’m using Amazon’s service and I’m subject to playing by their rules, but come on jerking around their customers like that is not okay.

TL;DR, Amazon likes to lie


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