Prince Harry's Audi RS6.

Just had some looks at the Autotrader page for the car.

Initially, looks great.

Then, my eyes and brain kick in.

When taking photos of such a car, you make everything ‘pop’.

Rear valance, both sides, filthy.


Same with the bonnet catch and surrounding area.

I can ignore the dust around the knobs.


Wheel facings cleaned, inner wheel area, disgusting.

Also, tyre dressing poorly applied.


Wheel nuts filthy, calipers, oh man.


They put down film on the driver’s mat so as not to leave dirty feet IN A DIRTY CAR.

Debris in the headrest where even a cursory leather or interior cleaner on a microfibre would of removed.  


You’d of thought that any one trying to capitalise on the previous owners identity would at least cover these bases.

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