I took the wife and dog to a canine swim lesson today instead of going to autocross. Further explanation below.

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I spent last weekend at the Oppomeet at the Tail of the Dragon, so I’ve had some fun, quick driving recently. At the same time, my wife was traveling for work last week, and will do so again this week, so it was important for me to spend some time with her.


Our dog is a 30 lb terrier mix. Apparently, my wife would like to re-program him to be a retriever. He has now proven that he can swim out of a pool without assistance, and that afterward he is as happy to be out as he is when he is done with a bath. Money well spent for quality family time, but I’m not sure that anything much changed.

[Edit: As I said to RPM in the comments, the basic idea is to get him to associate swimming with a good experience, as opposed to actually teaching him to swim. In the same way as we have taught him that playing fetch is a good experience. (Wait, drop it! Drop it! Dang it dog . . . Come back here!)] 

I did get to practice with my new camera a bit. It definitely struggles to avoid blurring movement in anything but bright light. I need to explore the possible settings more.

It looks like today’s autocross course is a fast, kind of short one, based on the course map and a live video I just saw. I tend to do well with those, darn it.

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