So last night I run up to my local general merchandise and grocery store (Walmart) to pick up a few things. As I am parking, I see a Prius in a handicapped spot. Then I notice that the plate is a normal plate, not a handicapped one. The person getting out of it does not look handicapped, in any way. I finish parking and start heading in. I walk by the car, and no front tag hanging off the mirror either.

So I snap some pictures, and put them up on FB later, just to share my outrage. I tagged a LEO friend of mine and ask if he can issue tickets off of photo evidence, half jokingly. He replies with asking my why I did not just call it in as illegal parking.

I did not realize that was a thing. It never really crossed my mind to call 911 for a non-emergency situation like this. If there was an officer near by, I would have said something to them about it. But I never thought of actually calling something like that in.

TL;DR — Saw a Prius wrongfully parked in a handicapped spot. Took pictures, put on FB, was told by a police officer friend that I can actually call it in and someone will come out and handle it.

Now, have a sexy LFA as compensation for having to read about a Prius.