Looking for some input on helping a friend move a vehicle. 5 second photoshop of a 635 Ti for your time.

A buddy’s father-in-law has a 2017 X5 he’s trying to get rid of. Only 8,000 miles, still in impeccable shape. Dealer offered him $44k to buy it back, which is actually on the high-end for trade value per both KBB and NADA; used prices look to be in the $49k - $53k range.


He’s asked me to help him sell it as he thinks the dealer has lowballed him. I think it’s actually a fair price, but there is obviously money left on the table.

I’m more than happy to help him try and eke out another $5-6k out of this thing, but I’ve never sold a vehicle in this price range where you’re competing against CPO and dealer used inventory like this.

My question to you guys is whether or not it’s worth spending the time to try and compete against dealer inventory to sell this thing private-party.

I don’t mind taking the time and effort, and I’m going to reset his top-line expectations if we move forward, but there’s a nagging thought that I’m just going to struggle to move this thing period in a private-party sale for a vehicle of this price, regardless of how savvy I am.



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