Park, Reverse., Neutral? Mais non, or at least not in the 1970s and 1980s.

Meet a PRN satellite as used on the GSA.


No PRN there? Yes, there is.

On top, P for pluie, rain. No 1 is the washers (push), no 2 is the wipers (turn)

On the side, R for route, road. Rocker switch no 3 is the indicators, naturally not self cancelling becase if you’re a Citroën driver you’ve got the mental wherewithal to cancel them yourself.

On the bottom, N for nuit, night. Turn for sidelights and headlights, press the pointy bit at the end marked no 8 for dip and main.

For an alternative treatment, consider this early CX dash which has helpfully been annotated for that day when you drive your first example of the model. Youngs may note the control no 34 mysteriously marked “choke” and pedal 43 which is for that exotic device called a “clutch” .