“Pro” Tip: Do Your Research Before You Buy Parts For Your PC Build

I’m biting off more than I can chew with this Mini-Itx build.

I bought all of the parts at the same time, only making sure the connectors are all right and the gpu isn’t a mile long.


I made a bad decision and bought an open box motherboard. This board turned out to have a couple bent pins that I only made worse by bending more pins. Oh boy...In response, I decided to replace the motherboard with a brand new one.

Surprise!!! Amazon sent me an ASRock J3455B-ITX instead of the H110M-ITX LGA1151 that I ordered.

Apparently this thing has an integrated Celeron J3455 quad core processor. This processor is low-power enough that it can be passively cooled.

Fine, whatever...I decided that I’d just save the G4400 Pentium for some future build instead of waiting for a replacement of the replacement board to come in through Amazon’s return process. So, all’s fine right? HA, no.


The nice power supply that I bought is an inch too long for the case. I would have to get rid of the cradles for the HDD/SSD/Optical drive in order for it to work. Even if the power supply were correctly sized, it has WAY TOO MANY cables and cable management would be utterly impossible in such a tiny case.

Fine, computer, you win. I’m washing my hands of this project before costs go really out of control.


I’m going to keep the GTX 750, the CPU cooler, HDD, and the Pentium G4400. The RAM stick I bought wouldn’t even fit in this board’s slots so I’m keeping that too, I guess.

I’m just going to sell the mostly put together unit as a bare bones system.

Final specs:

- Silverstone Sugo Series SG05-Lite
- Intel Celeron J3455 Quad Core (integrated into a DDR3, HDMI, ASRock board with a single PCI slot for a video card).
- Slim optical DVD/CD/RW drive.
- While the case is a one-fan design, the front fan will be the custom spiral Enermax LED fan from my DC-10-60 build, plus the stronger fan that came with the case.
- SATA adapter cable to connect to the optical drive (that red one).

I’ll also include the PSU I bought for it, but I’d recommend getting one that actually fits.


All the buyer would need to add is a GPU (or use the integrated graphics), a PSU (unless they don’t mind using the provided PSU externally), and a HDD.

If I get $150 for it, I’ll just about break-even on parts aside from buying a mobo twice. I hope someone scoops up the bent mobo for cheap to help recoup some of the costs associated with that.


As for the pink ring fan that I got for this Itx build? It now resides in the DC-10-60 so that the computer better matches my keyboard and mouse.


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