Sometime early this morning a thief or thieves went around the neighborhood breaking into people’s cars. They dropped a camera lens they had removed from my car and I found it today out in the grass behind the house. Should I take it to the police to see if they can get fingerprints off it, or would that be stupid?

Oddly, the camera lens was the ONLY thing in my car of any value, and the numbnuts dropped it and left it behind. Everything that was taken was in a backpack that I have stuffed behind the driver’s seat. They didn’t touch anything else in the car. At first I wasn’t planning on reporting anything because I had left the window rolled down last night and thought it was probably just a random event, maybe a kid grabbing something for the thrill of it. But when I got back from work I went around asking if anybody had seen anything, and found out several people’s cars were broken into.

So I don’t know, I have the lens (which was still in its old fashioned leather case) which I know was in my car last night, and I know was in the grass this morning, so reasonably I can assume somebody had to have picked it up with their hand at some point in between. So if I show up at the PD with this item, would they look at me like I’m crazy? Or could it possibly help somebody?