Probing the Hive Mind of Oppo....trailer hitch help...

Hey all! This is a question for all you trailer-towers out there. So....this trailer hitch was left at our house when we first moved in back in 2004. I know NOTHING about trailer hitches other than the minimum of that they need a receiver on the vehicle (which come in different sizes and types), have a max weight, max tongue weight, etc.

This one has me confused as most North American trailer hitch receivers that mount on the vehicle that I’ve seen are a squared-tube shape. This one looks to slot into a receiver that is flat...? I see no brand or model number on it anywhere, but I do see a bit of writing - a 18 on the top above the rear hitch hole (...?) and on the bottom, “Max. Gross Trailer WT 2000 lbs” and “Max. Tongue WT 200 lbs”

There’s some other writing on there as well...maybe 2 characters...? A ‘T’ and a ‘7' maybe...? They are worn away, so I have no idea. We’re just looking to sell it to get it out of our way now that we are doing some in-depth ‘spring cleaning’.

Can anybody help me with more information on it or it’s age or possible approximate value?


For what it is, it’s in really good shape....sure, some surface rust, but the majority of it is still even shiny as it only must’ve been used a few times. It’s a really hefty piece.

Any help is appreciated! :)

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