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Problem Solved

For the past month, the hood lock on my Boxster has been randomly opening. First, it occurred just after the car was started, and I thought that I was squeezing too hard on the key. Then it started happening while the car was idling; and last week it happened as I was driving down the Interstate (the safety latch kept the hood from fully opening). There was definitely a problem.

I tried switching keys with my wife, and her key did not cause the hood lock to open. Switching back to my key produced the problem again, so something in the key was the culprit. Cleaning the inside (there was not much to clean) and changing the battery did not help, so it looked like I needed a new key – probably about $500.00 at the Porsche dealer.

Repaired key.
Repaired key.
Image: Dakotahound

On Tuesday night, my wife handed me a bag full of broken parts. I left the key in my pocket, and it had been washed and dried (we wondered why the drier was so loud). Now, I really did need a new key.


I took the bag of parts down to Porsche Orlando, thinking that they may need a serial number to order the new key. I showed the parts to my service advisor, Tomas, who told me to wait while he took the parts into the back. He returned a few minutes later with my key – repaired and working. I really didn’t think that it was salvageable. There was no charge. This is not the first time that I have received great service from Porsche Orlando.

Anyway, the hood lock no longer opens randomly. I am not sure if it was the wash and dry, or the repair at the Porsche Orlando. Either way – problem solved.

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