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Problem with Power Window

My minty 2008 Acura TL has developed her first issue. Occasionally, when I raise the auto-up power window, it’ll stop about 1/4 of the way up, then retreat back into the door.

It’s very intermittent - about, say, 1 in every 50 ups and downs will cause this to happen. Pretty sure I know the cause: dirt or debris interfering with the guide rails, causing the sensor to think that my arm is in the way, thus retracting the window. A possibly related symptom is the window will occasionally squeak when going up and down.


But I may be wrong with this diagnosis, and so I call upon the infinite wisdom of Oppo to confirm: would the solution be to remove the door card and clean out the rails? Like some Oppos, I don’t wrench and don’t have the tools for this, so I’d have to take it to a shop. Have two choices for service: a reputable, reliable indy mech or a local Acura dealer with whom I’ve had good experiences. Labor rates are about $100 for the indy and $120 for the dealership, so assuming it’s a one-hour job, I’m thinking I’ll take it to the dealership, since I have no idea how complicated removing a door card on a 08 TL is. Also I’d likely be able to get a loaner (perhaps a TLX?) if I go to the dealer.

What say you, Oppo?

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