So the other day at work I was dropping off a new porsche panamera for a customer. After the owner picked his car up a guy standing next to his 2005 mercedes SL starts asking me questions:

Is that your car? -no

Do you know how much that car is worth? - probably $75,000

how much can I buy one for used? - probably $35,000.

These questions led to him telling me about the problems with his '05 Mercedes SL. Now I've driven a few mercedes SL's in my time as a valet. They're nice cars, but so Is a BMW 6 series, Audi S5, Porsche 911, Etc. He went on to tell me that since he picked up the car a year ago it's been to the mechanic 4 times, but all for warranty work (gotta love extended warranties on unreliable cars!) but He wasn't worried about paying for the maintenance.


He hated all the unwanted attention that came with owning an SL. He told me about people who either love him for owning a flashy convertible, or people who hated his guts. He told me about people who would purposely mess with him in parking lots. he told me about a time is was waiting to pick one of his friends up outside of a nightclub, and a random drunk girl just decided to sit in his car.

Now I've looked forward to possibly owning a mercedes SL one day. It's not my dream car, but you can't argue with the fact that anybody who's driving one is probably doing pretty well for themselves. 10 years from now, if I have the money but my life is rather boring, I feel like I could change that by buying a Mercedes SL.... with an extended warranty.

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