Ok Oppo. I am doing it.

I put in my deposit for the Eagle Rally 2019 today. This means I will be cleaning up and selling off the GTO. I never thought I would sell Lilith, but I can always buy another one down the line. Plus with all the work I’ve done to her and the “low miles” She is still in her prime for the market.


But this also means I will be buying and Importing a TVR!!! I am so fucking ready to have a TVR in the states. I have all the pricing and such figured out. I have contact info for a company that has imported other TVRs. Unless there is an imported here that would like to help out. I’d rather go through another Oppo.

Due to the import rules (fuck you Mercedes) I am looking at mostly the S Series,the Chimaera, and the Griffith. I would really really like the Griffith, but most are out of my price range. So I could get a V8 in the Chimaera or a V6 in the S Series. I have people looking for cars over there knowing that I need to sell mine first, but ears are to the ground including the guy the started the whole Pub2Pub Adventures, Ben Coombs. He is an awesome guy and I got to meet him here when he was driving across the globe in his TVR. If you have the chance to go on one of his rallies or meet him at an event I would highly suggest it.

Anyway, here are the cars if you don’t know TVR

S Series (this one I am considering)


Chimaera (considering)


Griffith (can’t find one cheap enough yet)

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