If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Product placement

In my bouts of Netflix/Marvel series binge-watching, I have, of course, noticed the car placements. When I was watching Daredevil, everyone drove a Genesis. Funny to see a police detective driving a brand new luxury Korean car, but hey.

Then, I watch The Iron Fist (don’t judge me), and everyone was driven around exclusively in Lincolns. Now, I’m into the second season of Jessica Jones, and all of a sudden, everyone who drives in the show has a Toyota. The morning talk show host has an Avalon, and the super-high powered attorney character drives...a Camry. Not a Lexus, but a Camry. Weird placement there.

The title character herself doesn’t drive. What’s weird is that, in spite of her being a worn-jeans-wearing, iPhone-toting chick in her thirties with lingering elements of her goth teenage years, she always takes cabs everywhere. I thought everyone in that demographic does Uber or Lyft now.

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