Product Review: ONN cables and accessories

ONN is a relatively new house-brand for Walmart, specializing in electronic cables and accessories. I’ve purchased a few items lately, and so far I’m extremely happy.

Item 1: headphones. My son needed headphones for his iPad at school. Fry’s and Best Buy offered chintzy shit for $10, or basic headphones for $15-$20. Walmart had ONN headphones (not earbuds) for $8, and the sound is passable. They have held up to the abuse of a 6yo for about six months now. I’m happy.

Item 2: HDMI angle adapter. I just got a Roku stick, but it’s too big to fit in the cavity’s allowed by my TV. Fry’s has hard 90° adapters for $15 or swivel adapters for $25. Same for Best buy. Amazon is cheaper, but not local. Walmart had an ONN branded swivel adapter for $6.50 in stock. I’m extremely happy.


Great prices for decent accessories, available locally for same day pickup. Good job Walmart

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