Productive Sunday

Got a good bit of stuff done today, car-related and otherwise. Of the former, I started the day by draining the 1.5-2-ish year old gas out of the Chevelle. To do so, I used the possibly-intermittent fuel pump I took out of the rx7 last year temporarily between the tank and hard line, and used this opportunity to flush out the new fuel lines.

Not pictured: when it leaked profusely and dumped about this much onto the floor under the pump

I don’t really have pictures of the setup because it was hard enough to see, let alone photograph. I do have this picture of a sample of the gas I was pumping out. By scent and appearance it’s on the verge of being garbage. Not sure what to do with 7 gallons of old-ish gas, but I’ll need those cans empty soon to go get new fresh 93. Not keen on mixing it into the tractor, which is finicky as it is.


In the process, I had a hose clamp fail in a manner I’ve only seen once before, about a week ago in a picture my friend sent me. Freaky.

In any case, the fuel line is now hooked up to the tank how it’s meant to be (with new clamps) and should be good to go. I was glad I used this opportunity to flush the line, because some serious crap came out when I first started up that pump (some may have been in the pump though).

I then documented the wiring for the Horn Relay (which does a bunch of stuff, including serving as the main junction of 12v power to feed into the everything else, and maybe the door-open buzzer) and refurbished that. About halfway through I realized I hadn’t taken a ‘before’ picture, but it was gross. Lots of old failing undercoating and some surface rust. It looked to originally have been a zinc plating on the housing, so I went with metal-color. I should get the lighter “aluminum” color, this one is ‘cast iron’. Fortunately the black plastic base cleaned up well with some elbow grease and mineral spirits.


What’s next? Two* things, more or less. First off, the engine stand is occupied by the 307, and will be needed soon so I have sketched up a Thing to set the 307 on (more or less a fancy dolly) that I’ll put together after I run out and grab some wood. The second thing is to clean the garage, which while tidy, is very dirty. It needs a good vacuuming and hard surfaces wiped down. These two things will enable the assembly of an engine...


*also at some point I want to set the trans in place so I can route the hydraulic line for the clutch and secure it with p-clips, which shouldn’t take long.

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