Alright, so I lost my job last Wednesday. To keep me from getting any more depressed than I already am, I decided to finish some projects...

- Finally got around to replacing those dead speakers (I already had the parts)...sweet spacer yo!

- Getting all wheel bearings fixed, for freeeeeeeeee!

- Got to see a Gemini spacecraft!


- Submitted 75 applications, have 1 interview for tomorrow!

In negative news:

- My mum refuses to help me pay my rent. She currently owes me $7,000. However, she refuses to give me it because she says I’m a failure and giving me the money would be a waste...she wants me to move back into her house instead. I’d honestly rather be homeless than do that.


- If I can’t get the rent paid, I have roughly about a month before I get evicted. Yay.